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"35 Years, 7000 Movies" - PDF file

"TV Shows Tried" - PDF file

"SciFi Novel Ratings" - PDF file

"Starship Drawings - link to Deviant Art"

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Quick reference Edisode Guides

"Babylon 5 - as a PDF file (6 pages, movies and 5 seasons)"

"Cleopatra 2525 - SciFI action and comedy "

"Crusade - (1999 A Babylon 5 spin off)"

"Doctor Who, 33 seasons" - PDF file (5 pages)

"Eastwick - an amazing fantasy treated poorly by the network"

"I Dream Of Jeannie - Fun Fantasy Sitcom"

"Remember WENN - Period dramedy- 4 sesaons"

"She Spies - action, eye-candy, and comedy"

"Star Trek 1966-2005 - PDF file"

"State of Grace - a light cable dramedy"

Et Cettera

"Fading Like A Rose - Short story (engineer's lament for a ship)"

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Many of these lists were started on lined paper before personal computers existed, let alone the WWW. The basic structure is one line per episode spreadsheet style. Shows included are either SciFi or no longer available.

Back in the day, before the WWW was BIG, was hosted on a departmental campus server and was one of the busiest sites around. When the last vendor quit hosting, was given to a friend and is currently active again. Some of the old material has returned here on If there is other material you remember and would like to see let me know.

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Godward - Dolce far niente
Godward - How Sweet To Do Nothing