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Cleopatra 2525

An episode guide
by SciFiOne - 2003

This half hour show was another fun and light combination of jokes, action and eye candy. Like "She Spies", it used a "Charlies Angels" format but in a SciFi setting. Machines called Baileys ruled the surface of the earth and humans lived Underground. The three lead women fought the bad guys for an unseen boss named Voice with a male intermediary named Mauser.

DVD OK S.NN GD TITLE SUMMARY (note 1.04 and 1.10 make a good 2 part set)
1A Yes 1.01 A Quest for Firepower Hel finds Cleo, frozen since 2001, while looking for medical help for Sarge.
1A No 1.02 C Creegan Creegan, who killed Hel's family, captures Mauser. There are other teams.
1A Yes 1.03 B+ Flying Lessons Hel gambles and Cleo pole-dance-strips to save a kidnap victim.
1A Yes 1.04 A- Mind Games Off to a party to catch Raina, mind controlling escapee. Nice dance clothes.
1A Yes 1.05 B+ Home (1) (good) Looking for a Bailey factory, Cleo & Sarge's sister Lily are "sacrificed."
1A Yes 1.06 B Rescue (2) Hel & Sarge track Cleo & Lily.The Bailey's are copying them.
1A No 1.07 C+ Run Cleo Run Cleo runs (3 times) to meet Sarge who has a stolen map & a time bomb.
1A No 1.08 B- Choices In an underground enclave, Hel has to kill the Bailey father of a little girl.
1B No 1.09 D+ Perceptions Explosion reveals a hidden level, a reactor breach, Creegan, & Hel's dad.
1B Yes 1.10 B+ Trial and Error Who's in control when Raina takes over a Bailey. Cleo blows her up.
1B Yes 1.11 A- Double A cute Betrayer clone of Cleo shows up. She defends everyone.
1B No 1.12 C+ Last Stand Sarge's enemy/friend helps keep some old nuclear fuel from worse people.
1B Yes 1.13 A- Hel and Highwater 1 A distress signal yields a 500 year old underwater city. Cleo hears a Bailey.
1B Yes 1.14 B- Hel and Highwater 2 Sarge dies. Bailey revives her & asks to die. Cleo disarms a Bailey core.

When the show was canceled, the shows from 2.09-2.20 were broadcast as one hour episodes. The credits indicated 2.09 was a part 1 and 2 combination. I continued the 1/2 hour format on them all for continuity. All appear to have epoisode break points at about the half way point.
2A OK 2.01 B The Watch Lily has a slow poison. Sarge tries to stop a peace conference.
2A OK 2.02 B Baby Boom A baby left in a tanning salon has a Bailey bomb inside.
2A No 2.03 B- Brain Drain A memory and life stealing parasite is found. The Baileys want it.
2A Yes 2.04 B+ Mauser's Day Out Sarge tries to seduce Mauser by removing his emotions block.
2A Yes 2.05 B+ Reality Check Cleo is trapped in a virtual reality of the 20th century by her ex-boyfriend.
2A Yes 2.06 B- The Pod Whisperer Sarge & Cleo rescue Hel from the surface using Mouser's shaft racer.
2A Yes 2.07 A Out of Body Raina blasts Cleo onto another plane of existence & Cleo haunts Raina.
2A Yes 2.08 A Juggernaut Down Cleo flies a Bailey shot down with shaft cannons.
2B Yes 2.09 B+ Truth be Told (1) Hel rescues Creegan, finds her dad via alternate plane. Sarge gets Voice.
2B Yes 2.10 B- Truth be Told (2) Hel exposed. Creegan wants Voice. Sarge & Cleo rescue. Hel's Dad dies.
2B No 2.11 B In Your Boots (1) Creegan & Hel switch bodies. One kidnaps Cleo, one takes over the lab.
2B No 2.12 B- In Your Boots (2) Sarge & Cleo stop the execution. Hel switches back. Creegan escapes.
2B No 2.13 C Soldier Who Fell... 1 Voice's by-the-book leader, Marcus, & Second take over, and kick out Hel.
2B No 2.14 B- ... From Grace 2 Marcus wants a shaft cannon info. Second is a betrayer. Cleo gets the info.
2B OK 2.15 B No Thanks for... 1 Sarge murdered a Black Watch defector? Marla wants Sarge frozen.
2B OK 2.16 B ... the Memories (2) Mauser rescues Sarge. Cleo hypnotizes her. Victim & Sarge were clones.
3 Yes 2.17 A Noir or Never (1) The Bureau of Health is looking for Thaws. He finds Cleo but lets her go.
3 Yes 2.18 B+ Noir or Never (2) Draco changes sides BoH is making a plague. Marcus was also a thaw.
3 No 2.19 B- The Voice (1) Creegan mimics Voice making team fight team. Creegan created the
3 No 2.20 C The Voice (2) Baileys 500 yrs ago & dies. Bailey - Human war starts. FLASHBACKS!
3 Yes DVD A Outtakes Very good, watch several times. about 7 min
3 Yes DVD B Special Effects Watch in slow motion too. About 2 min
3 No DVD B Deleted Scenes about 15 min - nothing particularly interesting.
3 No DVD Z Earth 2 ... Second episode but stands alone OK - pretty boring

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