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State Of Grace

A quick reference episode guide
by SciFiOne - 2002

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State Of Grace follows Hanna, a 12 yr old girl from a staid middle class Jewish family in 1965. She is new to town and is befriended by Grace, an outgoing 12 yr old girl with a messed up rich family. It is a mixture of innocence, drama, and comedy in a 1/2 hour format with enchanting characters, sublime interactions, and a wonderful naration by the 48 year old adult Hanna looking back on it all.

Date S.nn Gd Title Summary - Season 1
2001/06/25 1.01 A Love, Love Me Do Grace invites herself to stay overnight at Hanna's house and stirs up the staid Jewish family in a good way.
2001/06/25 1.02 A Homeward Bound Hanna and family are invited to Grace's house for a cocktail party. Hanna gets Grace's mom to let her live at home.
2001/07/02 1.03 C+ Perfect Day Everyone at the factory is sick. Grace and Hanna cut school to look for a perfect day for Grace. Grandma has a date.
2001/07/02 1.04 B- We Gotta Get Outta This Place Grace mail orders a skateboard from CA and gets in trouble with it. Uncle Larry visits and upsets Hanna's parents.
2001/07/09 1.05 B Time In A Bottle Aging. Grace's mom worries about lines and wants a face lift. Hanna's mom worries about fat and tries to diet.
2001/07/09 1.06 A- Crime and Self Punishment After a fight with Grace, Hanna steals a sweater to "join" new "friends." The family hires a black foreman.
2001/07/16 1.07 B Eve Of Discussion The family worries about an ad for the factory (comes out bad). Grace and Hanna end up debating each other in school.
2001/07/16 1.08 A+ Force Of Fun Hanna relates her first school day, meeting Grace, going crazy and getting in trouble - finding fun (or a state of grace).
2001/07/30 1.09 B- Book By Its Cover Mom has to join a book club. Dad can't sleep. Hanna goes to Grace's cotillion and snubs a nice but nerdy boy.
2001/08/06 1.10 B Saving Grace Hanna leads a protest to get Grace back in school after short hemlines appear. Mom makes a bean bag chair.
2001/08/13 1.11 B+ Looking for God in Š Right Places Hanna and Grace try various religions when mom might have cancer and Tattie might go to Africa.
2001/08/20 1.12 B Tango Affair AKA Happy Together Hanna's parents discover they need their own space in tango class. Grace's family discovers it needs togetherness.
2001/08/27 1.13 B- This Diamond Ring Hanna tries to get her dad to a school pancake breakfast. Grace doesn't like Tattie's "fiancée" until she meets him.

Date S.nn Gd Title Summary - Season 2
2002/03/01 2.01 A- Get Me To The Church On Time Grace has trouble accepting Tattie's wedding to Tommy. Tattie postpones it. Hanna's family is mesmerized by color TV.
2002/03/08 2.02 B- Of Diamonds and Deli Meats Grandma dates the butcher upsetting mom. Grace loses a diamond earring only to find out it is a fake.
2002/03/16 2.03 A- For The Birds Confronting fears. Hanna sees "The Birds" without permission. Mom makes furniture for Tattie and then visits.
2002/03/22 2.04 C+ All That Jazz Bad boy Walker, kicked out of school, has been playing jazz with bands. Injured control freak mom stays home.
2002/03/22 2.05 B It's A Wonderful Heschie Heschie takes a boring outside job after an unintentional insult. Mom starts her business trips. Tattie needs glasses.
2002/03/29 2.06 A All Kinds Of Heroes Heschie stops a burglary and lets the fame go to his head. Hanna wants Bernstein tickets for her dad.
2002/03/29 2.07 B Expanding Universe Grace wins the science fair beating the boys. Mom can't get the book keeper to talk to a woman.
2002/04/05 2.08 B Fortunate Son Grace gives up sweets for lent. Hanna learns to cook with grandma. All are sad to learn a lesson on death from Nam.
2002/04/12 2.09 A- Hello / Goodbye Hanna's sad - mom's on a trip and a teacher is leaving. Tattie sees a shrink - for status. Dad and Tommy become friends.
2002/04/19 2.10 A The Name Game Grace and Hanna have an argument when Grace's grandma makes prejudiced anti-Jewish comments.
2002/04/26 2.11 C The Way We Weren't David's childhood friend from Poland shows up and causes problems but helps him remember good things.
2002/05/03 2.12 B+ Take Good Care Of My Baby Walker's con-man dad shows up and almost takes him to Calif.. Hanna misses her mom before her piano recital.
2002/05/10 2.13 B+ Where The Boys Are Aunt Sophie visits upsetting Ida but fascinating Hanna. After a fight, Grace avoids a boy she won't admit she likes.
2002/06/03 2.14 B Smoke, Mirrors and Chicken Fat Tattie gives up smoking. Grandma cuts back on fat. The girls make the honor roll.
2002/06/03 2.15 B+ Scandalous Behavior Tattie chases Tommy. They decide to be monogamous and unmarried. The girls spy on Heschie's secret poker game.
2002/06/10 2.16 B- Dating Game Dating - Hanna tries for Walker, and gets Kenny. Mom and Dad meet in an airport.
2002/06/17 2.17 A- Driving Miss Ida Grandma doesn't want to be driven by Greer until she makes friends with him. The girls think they've found Rock Hudson's son.
2002/08/05 2.18 B+ Spy Girls AKA Spy Games The girls pretend to be UNCLE agents checking on Tattie's friend. Ida spies on mom to see what she is hiding.
2002/07.08 2.19 B- Monkey Business The kids are supposed to photograph their families candidly. A sofa from the factory breaks. Cookies does not become choir leader.
2002/07/15 2.20 A- To Be Young At Heart David considers buying a convertible Mustang. Grace gets her stuffy, stodgy aunt to talk about her dad.
2002/07/22 2.21 A- Sophisticated Ladies Grace and Hanna get more time as kids instead of becoming and actress or having pierced ears.
2002/07/29 2.22 C- A Taste Of Money The Rayburns try to impress a wealthy client with a spoiled, obnoxious daughter who gets Hanna in trouble.
2002/08/05 2.23 B Great Wall Of Rayburn Mom's nervous about making friends with the neighbors. Hanna and Grace have a fight when Grace reads Hanna's diary.
2002/08/19 2.24* B- Legacy Dad makes friends with the new kid worker who likes furniture. Tattie tries to hide the dark family secret from a writer.
2002/08/19 2.25* A Someone To Watch Over You Summer Break. Heschie has a real date. Hanna misses Grace (in Europe) until she comes back and gets sick.

* I reversed the sequence of the last two episodes for two reasons. In "Legacy," the girls are still in school but in "Someone To Watch Over You," summer break is in full swing. "Someone To Watch Over You" also makes a very fitting end to the series.

According to a TV Guide Internet article the show was canceled in the middle of season two with 39 episodes to be broadcast. I only saw 38 episodes.

Although the second season was not as good as the first, I think the main reason its audience dropped was poor broadcast timing by the network. Cable networks had yet to use consistent timeslots and good promotion.

The second season started with one new episode a week. Then it switched to two new episodes a week, but sometimes one new, two new, or none new. The show also switched days. Following it at all required using the Internet. Since had a really lousy web site, it was not easy.

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