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FUN: There are discontinuities in the show and it could be considered sexist by modern standards. But remember that the show was presented for fun, to make people relax and laugh. That is exactly what happens when I watch. It is also why I have watched it so many times, and have gone to so much trouble to make this list and record my favorites first on tape and now on DVD.

Mean Sister: Barbara Eden played Jeannie's evil twin sister in nine episodes. They are some of my favorites and are highlighted. She also played Jeannie's mother in two of the four mother episodes and they are also highlighted.

Genie Photos: Although Jeannie was said to be not photographable in several episodes, she actually was photographed in several others. The difference between the episodes was formality. She was not photographable in formal situations such as her screen test and wedding. She was photographed in random shots such as those for a newspaper. The photo shows are also marked.

Birthday: Jeannie's birthday was given twice, informally in episode 5 as July 1, 64BC (my personal favorite) and formally in episode 43 as April 1, 64BC.

Sexism: Jeannie's constant desire to marry Tony could be considered sexist by modern standards. But the characters in Sex And The City were no better and a lot less fun. Look at it the way my wife does, Jeannie had a specific goal and stuck with it until she achieved it 4.5 years later. You might not like the goal personally but you have to admire the determination.

Belly Button Jeannie's belly button does not show because it was considered to racy, believe it or not (she looked great anyway and sitll does). But her belly button popped out once and a while. See episode 101.

FUN: Don't forget to just enjoy the fun, that's what it is really about.

Episode Sequence: The sequence is the same as the sequence listed on and is the same as TVLand broadcast the episodes in 2004.

Ep# S.nn Gd Y/N Title Summary - Season 1 (b&w)
1 1.01 A- Y The Lady in the Bottle Tony discovers Jeannie on an island.
2 1.02 B+ Y My Hero? (1st mother) Jeannie takes Tony to an ancient Persian market.
3 1.03 B+ Y Guess What Happened on the Way to the Moon? Jeannie helps out on the desert survival course.
4 1.04 B Y The Marriage Caper Tony's human fiancee leaves.
5 1.05 B+ Y G.I. Jeannie (Birthday Jul 1, 2000 yrs ago) Jeannie joins the WAFS.
6 1.06 A Y The Yacht Murder Case Tony vacuums up Jeannie to stop her attending a yacht party.
7 1.07 A Y Anybody Here Seen Jeannie? Space walk physical messed up. Messing with Bellows mind.
8 1.08 B+ Y The Americanization of Jeannie Emancipated Jeannie discovers America.
9 1.09 A+ Y The Moving Finger Jeannie cannot be formally photographed and her screen test fails.
10 1.10 A- Y Djinn and Water Jeannie's great-grandpa's desalinization formula.
11 1.11 A+ Y Whatever Happened to Baby Custer? Neighbor's kid (Billy Mumy) sees Jeannie.
12 1.12 A Y Where'd You Go Go? (1) Jealous Jeannie dates Roger. Part 1 of him finding out
13 1.13 A+ Y Russian Roulette (2) Tony almost looses Jeannie to a beautiful Russian cosmonaut.
14 1.14 A- Y What House Across the Street? (3) (2nd mother) Jeannie pretends to marry Roger.
15 1.15 A Y Too Many Tonys NASA expects marriage. Jeannie makes a phony Tony. Almost married.
16 1.16 B Y Get Me to Mecca on Time Jeannie must go to Mecca or slowly fade out and die.
17 1.17 A Y Richest Astronaut in the World (4) Roger finds out about Jeannie and becomes her master for a while.
18 1.18 B+ Y Is There an Extra Genie in the House? Two Jeannies for Roger. (Judy Carne & future Mrs. Bellows)
19 1.19 B+ Y Never Try to Outsmart a Jeannie Jeannie wants to go to Rome with Tony.
20 1.20 A Y My Master, the Doctor Tony to do surgery on Roger?
21 1.21 B OK Jeannie and the Kidnap Caper Tony is kidnapped after ordering Jeannie to not use magic.
22 1.22 C N How Lucky Can You Get? Roger uses Jeannie in Reno to win money.
23 1.23 B+ Y Watch the Birdie Tony, the super golfer, goes golfing with Peterson.
24 1.24 B Y Permanent House Guest Jeannie haunts Bellows when he stays at Tony's.
25 1.25 B- Y Bigger than a Bread Box Jeannie exposes a fortune teller at a sťance.
26 1.26 C? miss My Master, the Great Rembrandt Jeannie coverts Tony's painting to a real Rembrandt.
27 1.27 A+ Y My Master, the Thief Jeannie takes her old slippers from a museum.
28 1.28 B- Opt This Is Murder Jeannie has a feud with an mid-east ambassador.
29 1.29 A- Y My Master the Magician Tony the magician - Bellows almost catches him.
30 1.30 B Y I'll Never Forget What's Her Name Tony has amnesia and almost marries Jeannie.

Ep# S.nn Gd Y/N Title Summary - Season 2 (color)
31 2.01 B+ Y Happy Anniversary First anniversary show - back on the island with an evil Djinn.
32 2.02 A+ Y Always on Sunday Jeannie makes everyday Sunday so Tony can rest.
33 2.03 B- N My Master, the Rich Tycoon Paul Lynd plays an IRS investigator checking on Tony.
34 2.04 B Y My Master, the Rainmaker Jeannie controls the weather and Bellows.
35 2.05 B+ Y My Wild Eyed Master Jeannie adjusts Tony's eyes a bit too well.
36 2.06 B Y What's New, Poodle Dog? Jeannie turns Roger into a dog so he can't set up a date for Tony.
37 2.07 C+ N Fastest Gun in the East Tony is the sheriff in an old west town.
38 2.08 B+ Y How to Be a Genie in 10 Easy Lessons Jeannie has to use the spells in Tales of the Arabian Knights.
39 2.09 A- Y Who Needs a Green Eyed Jeannie? Jeannie is jealous when Tony dates
40 2.10 A- Y The Girl Who Never Had a Birthday (1) Finding Jeannie's birthday.
41 2.11 B+ Y The Girl Who Never Had a Birthday (2) Roger uses a computer to get the date but is shipped out.
42 2.12 B- Y How Do You Beat Superman? (3) Jeannie's phony boyfriend. Roger still away. Still no birthday.
43 2.13 A Y My Master, the Great Caruso (4) (Birthday is April 1, 64 BC) Tony sings opera.
44 2.14 A Y The World's Greatest Lover Jeannie makes Roger irresistible. 1st Mrs Bellows.
45 2.15 B Y Jeannie Breaks the Bank Jeannie spends too much and puts too much in Tony's account.
46 2.16 B- ? My Master, the Author Jeannie lists Tony's name as author of her children's book.
47 2.17 A- Y Greatest Invention in the World Indestructible fabric.
48 2.18 B+ Y My Master, the Spy Tony seen in Paris and NASA at the same time.
49 2.19 C+ N You Can't Arrest Me... I Don't Have a Driver's License Jeannie crashes the car.
50 2.20 A- Y One of Our Bottles is Missing Duplicate bottle mix-up with Mrs. Bellows.
51 2.21 B+ Y My Master, the Civilian Jeannie stops Tony from quitting being an astronaut.
52 2.22 B- OK There Goes the Best Genie I Ever Had Will Tony send Jeannie back on Hagi day? (flashbacks)
53 2.23 B Y The Greatest Entertainer in the World Sammy Davis. Tony wants him for the General's party.
54 2.24 B+ Y The Incredible Shrinking Master Jeanie makes Tony 6" high and a cat comes.
55 2.25 C+ N My Master, the Pirate Visiting Captain Kid.
56 2.26 A- Y A Secretary Is Not a Toy Jeannie works for Peterson to make Tony a General.
57 2.27 A Y There Goes the Bride Jeannie puts a wedding spell on Tony.
58 2.28 C+ N My Master, Napoleon's Buddy Visiting Napoleon.
59 2.29 A- Y The Birds and the Bees Bit A preview of marriage to Jeannie. Magic kid stops it!
60 2.30 A- Y My Master, the Swinging Bachelor Jeannie's youth making cake is served to the Bellows.
61 2.31 B- N The Mod Party Tony and Roger have to work during Roger's party.

Ep# S.nn Gd Y/N Title Summary - Season 3
62 3.01 B Opt Fly Me to the Moon Jeannie turns a space chimp into a human (Larry Storch)
63 3.02 A Y Jeannie or the Tiger? (Sister 1/9) Jeannie's sister shows up for the first time.
64 3.03 C N The Second Greatest Con Artist in the World An informal photo of Jeannie inspires a con to steal her jewel.
65 3.04 A- Y My Turned-On Master Jeannie's powers are moved to Tony and then Bellows.
66 3.05 C+ N My Master, the Weakling Don Rickles as a hardcore physical trainer.
67 3.06 B Y Jeannie, the Hip Hippie Tony has to find Amada a rock group for her party.
68 3.07 C N Everybody's a Movie Star Will Roger or Tony be the NASA movie star? Jeannie filmed?
69 3.08 B+ Y Who Are You Calling a Jeannie? Jeannie has amnesia.
70 3.09 B- Opt Meet My Master's Mother Tony's mom comes to stay.
71 3.10 B- N Here Comes Bootsie Nightingale Tony and Roger escort a movie star to Amada's party.
72 3.11 B Y Tony's Wife (Sister 2/9) Jeannie's sister says Jeannie is a 15 year jinx to Tony.
73 3.12 B+ Y Jeannie and the Great Bank Robbery The ever helpful Jeannie helps rob a bank.
74 3.13 B OK My Son, the Genie Bob Denver plays a genie trainee.
75 3.14 C N Jeannie Goes Honolulu (1) Tony tells Jeannie he is going to Alaska instead of Hawaii.
76 3.15 C- N The Battle of Waikiki (2) Jeannie brings an ancient warrior king to the present.
77 3.16 C+ N Genie, Genie, Who's Got the Genie? (1) Jeannie is in the moon safe.
78 3.17 C N Genie, Genie, Who's Got the Genie? (2) Still stuck in the safe.
79 3.18 B OK+ Genie, Genie, Who's Got the Genie? (3) (Sister 3/9) With Jeannie in the safe her sister takes Tony to Baghdad.
80 3.19 B- OK+ Genie, Genie, Who's Got the Genie? (4) She's out at the last minute and still belongs to Tony.
81 3.20 C+ N Please Don't Feed the Astronauts Roger and Tony go on another survival mission.
82 3.21 C+ N My Master, the Ghostbreaker One night in Tony's haunted castle.
83 3.22 A+ Y Divorce, Jeannie Style Jeannie gives up her powers. Mrs. Bellows finds her.
84 3.23 B+ Y My Double-Crossing Master Tony dates Jeannie disguised as a Britisher to win a bet.
85 3.24 A- Y Have You Ever had a Jeannie Hate You? (Sister 4/9) Sister's potion makes Jeannie hate Tony.
86 3.25 B+ Y Operation: First Couple on the Moon (Sister 5/9) Jeannie's sister with Tony in the moon simulator.
87 3.26 A- Y Haven't I Seen Me Someplace Before? Roger's birthday wish exchanges him with Tony.

Ep# S.nn Gd Y/N Title Summary - Season 4
88 4.01 B- OK U-F-Oh Jeannie Hillbillies capture Tony and Roger after a "crash" landing.
89 4.02 B+ Y Jeannie and the Wild Pipchicks (3rd mother - B. Eden) Jeannie's mom's candy give super strength.
90 4.03 B OK+ Tomorrow is Not Another Day Jeannie blinks up tomorrows paper.
91 4.04 D N Abdullah Roger has to care for Jeannie's baby nephew.
92 4.05 C N The Used Car Salesman Jeannie makes a crooked car salesman tell the world on TV.
93 4.06 C N Djinn, Djinn, Go Home Jeannie's magic invisible dog attacks uniforms.
94 4.07 D N The Strongest Man in the World Tony if forced to be a fighter after a one punch knockout.
95 4.08 C+ N Indispensable Jeannie Jeannie makes the house grant wishes for Tony and Roger.
96 4.09 B Y Jeannie and the Top Secret Third anniversary show. Jeannie's plans are ruined by Bellows.
97 4.10 A Y How To Marry an Astronaut (Sister 6/9) Jeannie's sister pretends to marry Roger.
98 4.11 C+ N Dr. Bellows Goes Sane The General hires an analyst for Bellow after his report on Tony.
99 4.12 C+ N Jeannie, My Guru The daughter of a General uses Tony's house for a party.
100 4.13 B+ Y The Case of My Vanishing Master (1) Bellow's double of Tony discovers Jeannie.
101 4.14 A Y The Case of My Vanishing Master (2) (Belly Button shows!) The double is discovered.
102 4.15 D- N Ride 'Em Astronaut Jeannie wins a store prize, is photographed, and Tony does rodeo.
103 4.16 A Y Invisible House For Sale Jeannie sells Tony's house and then makes it invisible.
104 4.17 B- Opt Jeannie, the Governor's Wife Jeannie wants Tony to run for governor.
105 4.18 A+ Y Is There a Doctor in the House? (4th mother - B. Eden) Jeannie's mom makes Tony sleep.
106 4.19 A Y The Biggest Star in Hollywood Jeannie and Laugh-In. Is she informally photographed again?
107 4.20 B- N The Case of the Porcelain Puppy Jeannie turns her dog into a valuable ancient statue.
108 4.21 C N Jeannie for the Defense Tony is arrested for a fake rural car accident injury.
109 4.22 A Y Nobody Loves a Fat Astronaut (1) (Sister 7/9) Sister scares Jeannie into keeping Tony off the moon shot.
110 4.23 A+ Y Around the Moon in 80 Blinks (2) Jeannie blinks Tony and Richard Mulligan out of Apollo 14.
111 4.24 A Y Jeannie-Go-Round (Sister 8/9) Jeannie and sister fight it out after a club opening.
112 4.25 C+ N Jeannie and the Secret Weapon Jeannie makes a working model of the anti-gravity machine.
113 4.26 C+ N Blackmail Order Bride A reporter spies with a hidden movie camera and films Jeannie.

Ep# S.nn Gd Y/N Title Summary - Season 5
114 5.01 B? OK Jeannie at the Piano Jeannie makes a small piano play automatically.
115 5.02 C? miss Djinn, Djinn, the Pied Piper The General wants to show Jeannie's dog.
116 5.03 B Y Guess Who's Going to Be a Bride? (1) Jeannie's uncle visits, Tony is mad, Jeannie leaves.
117 5.04 B+ Y Guess Who's Going to Be a Bride? (2) They are finally engaged!
118 5.05 A- Y Jeannie's Beauty Cream Jeannie's face cream has youthful effects.
119 5.06 B Y Jeannie and the Bachelor Party Tony's bachelor's party.
120 5.07 A+ Y The Blood of a Jeannie Picking a ring is interrupted to get a problematic blood test.
121 5.08 B OK See You in Cuba Jeannie makes Tony's automatic plane land in Cuba.
122 5.09 A- Y The Mad Home Wrecker The house is "redecorated!"
123 5.10 B OK+ Uncles a Go-Go The uncles must approve of Tony.
124 5.11 B+ Y The Wedding The unphotographable Jeannie makes the wedding difficult.
125 5.12 B+ Y My Sister, the Homemaker (Sister 9/9) After honeymoon, sister tries to break up the marriage.
126 5.13 B Y Jeannie, the Matchmaker Roger has two dates, General's daughter and Jeannie's.
127 5.14 C N Never Put a Genie on a Budget Jeannie overdoes Tony's budget on purpose.
128 5.15 B Y Please Don't Give My Genie No More Wine Jeannie's wine makes the Bellows invisible.
129 5.16 B Y One of Our Hotels Is Growing Jeannie adds a 13th floor to the hotel on honeymoon 2.
130 5.17 A Y The Solid Gold Jeannie Jeannie joins Tony and Co. in post moon isolation.
131 5.18 B- Opt Mrs. Djinn Djinn The magic dog has pups but all think Jeannie pregnant.
132 5.19 B Y Jeannie and the Curious Kid Bellows nephew steals Jeannie.
133 5.20 B- N Jeannie, the Recording Secretary Jeannie uses zombie of sleeping Tony to win best husband.
134 5.21 C- N Help, Help, a Shark Tony has to win at pool for the General.
135 5.22 B OK Eternally Yours, Jeannie Jealous Jeannie pretends to be Tony's old girlfriend.
136 5.23 B Y An Astronaut in Sheep's Clothing Jeannie wants to knit a sweater for their six months anniversary.
137 5.24 A Y Hurricane Jeannie Hurricane strands Bellows. He finds out, or is it a dream? Flashbacks.
138 5.25 C+ N One Jeannie Beats Four of a Kind Tony and Roger suspects in poker con games.
139 5.26 C- N My Master, the Chili King Jeannie "invests" in Tony's con man cousin's chili.
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