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It Is Good! The three protagonists, top notch actors, great scripts, and lots of magic made this show work. Otherwise it would just be a soap opera.

The Episode Order. Only 11 episdoes were broadcast in the USA, but they were all broadcast in the UK. Thanks to this fandom site, I now know the proper sequence. (Most places list the sequence incorrectly.) Episode 10 was a major cliffhanger -everyone was dying. By carefully watching the 11 episodes I have (including the previews at the end of #10 and the flashbacks at the start of #12) and by carefully reading many descriptions, I can finally include a summary for #11. I did not bother with #13.

The USA End. With the continuty problems from the missing #11, watching #12 as the last episode was a bit confusing to begin with. But it did make an adequate, if incomplete, conclusion to the series with two exceptions - two scenes near the end. I deleted them in my personal copy.

I wish someone would stream all 13 episodes.

S.EP Gd Date aired Title Story
1-01 A 23-Sep-09 Pilot In a small town, three women activate their magic by making a wish during a festival. Daryl arrives and buys much of the town. Strange things start to happen - Bun is attacked by ants!
1-02 B+ 30-Sep-09 Reaping and Sewing "Boyfriend" trouble for all 3, Daryl poses "nude," Roxie dreams of dying, Kat's husband survives, Joanna finds Eleanor an ex-witch of Daryl, and the rapist is left hanging.
1-03 B+ 7-Oct-09 Madams and Madames Roxie's rapist ghost is put to rest. Kat's magic passion in the pool turns cold. Joanna's "Pastor Done" headline lets Daryl's brewery go ahead.
1-04 B 14-Oct-09 Fleas and Casserole Kat gets her divorce. Roxie finds Jamie's mom's grimoire. It is Bun's. Joanne's fling destroys her boyfriend. (Watch Roxie parts. Skip thru the rest.)
1-05 B+ 21-Oct-09 Mooning and Crooning Debauchery in town as the moon and planet's align. Joanna publishes without proof, fired. Kat sets a restaurant on fire with her singing and kisses Joanna's "boyfriend."
1-06 A 28-Oct-09 Bonfire and Betrayal The pastor kidnaps Joanna who discovers telekinesis. Bun (with Roxie) "sees" Joanna burning. Earth mother Kat saves her with rain. Roxie's vision of a death comes true eventually and sadly.
1-07 A 4-Nov-09 Red Ants and Black Widows All three struggle with grief and shock. Roxie follows the "signs." Kat discovers she can heal. Kat takes ex-witch Bun to Eleanor for healing.
1-08 pt-1 B 25-Nov-09 Paint and Pleasure Daryl's art show party and sex plans for Roxie go astray when he buys the art. Joanna tries to be fun. Kat's magic tries to kill her ex's date. Jamie's murder attempt on Daryl hits Daryl's lover instead.
1-09 Pt-2 A 2-Dec-09 Tasers and Mind Erasers Roxie reads her mom's mind! They all admit they are witches. When Roxie's daughter is dying, they all use their powers to save her. Kat saves Daryl's lover. Bun and Eleanor tell Jamie that Roxie has to kill Daryl.
1-10 Pt-1 B+ 16-Dec-09 Tea and Psychopathy By the end: Joanna is locked in Eleanor's basement dying from poison. Kat is dying in the bathtub from healing too much. Daryl is bleading out from a poker hit to the head by Jamie who later appears to stab Roxie.
1-11 Pt-2
unaired Red, Bath and Beyond Kat is rescued. Joanna stuggles to survive (I think Kat saves her). Roxie survives but Jamie dies on his knife when he jumps in a grave to kill her. The witches bury him there and swear off magic.
1-12 B 30-Dec-09 Magic Snow and Creepy Gene Being normal is difficult. They all end up with new boyfriends including Roxie with Daryl. But Daryl has to leave unless the witch coven resumes. It ends with the four of them in the mansion with indoor snow.
unaired Pampered and Tampered Summary Here

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